Top 5 Tips For Smart Home Upgrades

Smart home

Making Your Home a Smart Home

In today’s world, mostly everything is digitized … even our homes. If you have upgraded from a flip phone, now it is time for your family to enjoy some smart home upgrades.

Are you worried about high electricity bills? Do you forget to switch off the lights before leaving home? Does it bother you that every time you come home, you have to wait till your room reaches the desired temperature? Are you afraid of burglars when you’re away from home for a long time?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you don’t have to stress anymore. Your reliable Atlanta Electrician, Patrick of McCauley Electric, will help you upgrade your dwellings to a smart home.

I’m going to tell you FIVE smart home upgrading tips that McCauley Electric can implement for you that will make your life easier and safer.

Programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat, aka clock or set back thermostat, is a device that adjusts temperature. During summers, you can set this device to increase the temperature when you are not home and start dropping it before you return back. So, by the time you reach back, your home is already cool! Opposite mechanism can be set during winters. This device not only manages the temperature of your home but reduce the electricity bill too.

Programmable lights
When lights of a home are off at odd times, burglars and robbers know that there is high chance that nobody’s home. Start acting smart to deceive them. Install programmable lights that are set to switch on and off automatically at specific times even when you’re not home

Occupancy censors for lights
If you hate to switch lights on and off every time you enter or leave home than I’ve got a solution for you too. Install occupancy censors for lights. They’ll automatically switch lights on when you’re home and switch them off when you leave. Another perk of this device is that you can scare off intruders and make them run away!

Programmable door locks
Crime rate has escalated tremendously in past few years. The more you do for your safety, the better it is. To keep a check on who enters and leave your home, install a device called programmable door locks. It can help you in many ways. For example, you can set

  • code to open the door
  • alarm that rings automatically when someone puts in a wrong code
  • different codes for friends and family

Security cameras
You guys must have seen in movies how police, through hidden security cameras, tracks down a killer, who comes in, kills someone and runs away. What if I tell you that you can install this cool gadget in your home! Yes! You can do it and keep an eye on every individual entering or leaving in your absence. This can especially help when you leave your kids at home.

Putting some icing on the cake, you don’t have to go too far for an Atlanta electrician who can install all of these smart home upgrades. Give Patrick of McCauley Electric a call today so your home can match the upgrades you made to your mobile phone.

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