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mccauley electrical service truck in drivewayCan you imagine life without electricity? Well, neither can I.  My professional journey with electricity began in 1995 helping friends and family with small electrical items.  By 1999, McCauley Electrical Service was formed, and since then it has been a wonderful adventure getting to know my customers and learning new things. With your continued support and referrals, I hope to continue the journey for years to come!

While I’ve installed thousands of outlets and lighting controls in hundreds of homes over the years, each job was different because each customer was different. Anyone with a hammer and some tools can punch a hole in a wall to run wires where they need to go. But it takes someone with the respect for your home and resources to find the best way of doing the job with as little disruption to your home and routine as possible. No job is too small, but some are definitely too large. I’ll never take on a job that I know needs more expertise or man power than I can provide.  Nor will I ever “bump” a customer to go after a more profitable job. I believe in treating everyone with the respect that they deserve.  I’d like to earn the privilege of being your trusted local Atlanta electrician.



“Since the very beginning I have tried to pay attention to the details.”

  • Treating customer’s and their property with respect.
  • Listening to customer’s needs and wants and helping them to find a solution that works best for them and their budget.
  • Being respectful of customer’s time by arriving on time and calling ahead with any unexpected delays.
  • Cleaning up and covering items to protect against dust.
  • McCauley Electric is proud to serve everyone, regardless of race, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.


Changing with the times

“As new technology has entered the home, I have tried to stay on top of things to help my customers make energy smart and long range home improvement decisions. With over twenty years of electrical service experience, you won’t find another Atlanta electrician with the knowledge, ability and availability to stay on top of a constantly changing electrical industry.”

A few examples of the extra level of service you receive with McCauley Electrical Service include:

  • Providing a clear understanding of the different types of florescent and LED bulbs.
  • Helping a customer choose the best light fixtures to compliment the mood or function of a room.
  • Helping a customer choose the best home theater set up for their game room, family room or man cave.


Large or small jobs are not a problem

  • Light switch, Dimmers, Outlets, Ceiling Fans, or Light Fixture replacements
  • Installation and Repair for Telephone, Network, and Cable Jacks
  • Trouble Shooting Faulty Circuits
  • Flat Screen TV and Cable Management
  • Whole House Rewires

See what our customers are saying.




Whether you’re a new, existing or returning customer, I look forward to an opportunity to provide you professional electrical services when the need arises.”
“you won’t find another Atlanta electrician with the knowledge, ability and availability to stay on top of a constantly changing electrical industry.”

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