McCauley Electrical Services Rewiring
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Atlanta Rewiring 

28+ Years of Experience in North Atlanta & Surrounding Areas 

The electrical wiring in older homes is often not capable of providing sufficient power to the many high-tech appliances, electronics, and devices that are so ubiquitous in modern life. If your electrical wiring is outdated or unsafe, McCauley Electrical Services can rewire the house for your safety and peace of mind. We have decades of experience with rewiring in Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

If you have concerns about your electrical wiring, please call McCauley Electrical Services at  (678) 324-3117 to schedule an inspection. Your estimate is free!

When to Rewire a House 

Homeowners may choose whole-house rewiring if an older home has unsafe wiring, an electrical system must be brought up to current code requirements, or a house is for sale. If you have an older home, the wiring is likely outdated. In some cases, it may be difficult to get homeowner’s insurance for a house with outdated wiring, or your premiums could be much higher. 

Warning signs that rewiring is needed include: 

  • Breakers constantly tripping 
  • Lights dimming or flickering 
  • Outlets that are hot or discolored
  • Sparking outlets 
  • Small shocks when plugging something in 
  • A burning odor near outlets or appliances 
  • Aluminum or knob and tube wiring 
  • Two-pronged outlets 
  • Lack of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets

These warning signs should never be ignored, due to the risk of electrical fires. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, electrical wiring problems are the leading cause of house fires in the United States. If you have noticed any of these signs, have an experienced electrician inspect your wiring. Your electrician can evaluate the condition of your wiring to determine if rewiring is needed. 

How To Wire A House

Rewiring a house involves replacing the existing electrical wiring with new wiring to ensure safety and reliability. It is not an easy job and may take weeks of dirty work -- you will be drilling a lot of holes in your home, running wires, and patching up holes. Rewiring requires a thorough understanding of how electricity works and you may run into things that can only be done by licensed professionals, such as connecting wires to your service panel. In addition, house rewiring requires knowledge of National Electrical and Fire Safety Codes, as well as state and local municipality requirements. Although doing it yourself may save money, this project should be left to a licensed electrician for house wiring in Atlanta.

Below are some basics on house rewiring when working with an electrician:

  1. Set a budget. Think about ways you could save money, such as helping prepare rooms by moving furniture or doing the clean-up afterward.
  2. Call an electrician for house wiring at McCauley Electrical Services. Your estimate is free -- dial (678) 324-3117!
  3. Plan your desired outcome and review it with your electrician. If possible, create a visual plan or drawing to ensure that you are both on the same page. Your electrician knows how to install the new wires, so all you need to worry about are your current appliances and whether you want to upgrade any of them within the next two decades. This will allow your electrician to take your plans into consideration when designing the rewiring.
  4. Prepare for noisy work and disruptions in electricity. Our expert Atlanta electricians can take care of the rest, but it will be a disruptive job that will take a week or more, depending on how big your home is, if there are special features involved in your project, or if your plan needed to be changed, and more. 
    If you work from home, talk to your electrician to coordinate a plan, otherwise, it may be good to consider staying and working somewhere else during the project.

House rewiring may seem like a headache, but in the end, your home will be safer and more comfortable -- it will be worth it. Taking the time to plan, consider your goals, outline them, and discuss them with your electrician for house wiring will help you get through it faster. 

Does your house need rewiring? Get in touch with McCauley Electrical Services at (678) 324-3117 today – our Atlanta electricians are ready to help!

How To Save When Rewiring Your Home

There may be some things you can do to save money when it comes to hiring professional electricians in Atlanta for rewiring. Below are some tips on saving during your home rewiring project:

  • Consider when your home was last rewired or when your home was built. If you are experiencing electrical problems, it may be something else and not related to your home’s wiring.
  • If your wiring is not that old, consider adding some new circuits instead of rewiring your house.
  • Get your whole home rewired instead of single rooms one at a time. It is typically cheaper to do so.
  • If possible, avoid opening walls because it is more expensive to repair them. Instead, run new wires in conduit and paint it to match the color of your walls.
  • Opt for contractor-grade panels if they will not be in a place that is visible.
  • Take on some preparation or clean-up work -- ask your electrician what you can do to reduce your cost.
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Rewiring Process

Whole-house rewiring is a large job that involves relacing the electrical wiring in the entire house and upgrading other components of the electrical system. When your house was built, the wiring was installed before the drywall, but replacing the wiring requires making some holes in the plaster to run the new wiring. When the installation is completed, these access holes will be patched. The power to your home will need to be turned off during this process. 

Whole-house rewires require an extensive amount of work, and the job should be handled by a trained and experienced professional. This will ensure that the rewiring is done safely, efficiently, and according to all current electrical codes and safety standards. Most rewiring projects are finished in a couple of days, but the exact amount of time and cost can vary, depending on the size of the home and upgrades that may be needed. 

Get a Free In-Home Estimate 

If you think your home may need rewiring, we can provide a free in-home estimate for whole-house rewires. We will thoroughly inspect your wiring, outlets, and other electrical system components to evaluate the overall condition. When rewiring is needed, we perform all work to the highest quality standards and all current code requirements. 

Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to request your free in-home estimate

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