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Electrical Panels in Atlanta

Panel Repair & Replacement in North Atlanta & Surrounding Areas 

When electricity enters your home, the electrical panel routes it to your various outlets, switches, appliances, and devices. McCauley Electric offers repair and replacement services for electrical panels in Atlanta and surrounding areas. If you are having a problem with your panel, we offer quality service from experienced electricians. 

Please contact us at (678) 324-3117 for electrical panel repair or replacement. 

When to Replace an Electrical Panel 

The electrical panel is the distribution center for the electricity in the entire house. Each circuit breaker on the panel supplies electricity to specific outlets, rooms, or appliances. The breakers protect the electrical wiring from becoming overloaded and damaged by excessive electrical current. 

Signs the panel may need an upgrade include: 

  • Age: An electrical panel can last about 25-40 years. The lifespan of the panel can be affected by the quality of the panel, wear and tear, and frequency of power surges. 
  • Breakers tripping: A circuit breaker trips when the circuit is overloaded. This is normal and protects your home and electrical system from damage. However, if the breaker won’t reset or constantly trips, a larger problem may be the cause. 
  • Hot electrical panel: The circuit breakers keep your electrical system from becoming overheated. However, if the panel is overheated and hot to the touch, it needs the attention of a qualified electrician. 
  • New appliance installation: If you are installing a large appliance that requires a dedicated circuit and your existing panel has no room for expansion, a new panel may be needed. 
  • Strange noises or odors: Hearing buzzing and hissing noises or noticing a burning odor can be signs of trouble with the electrical panel. 
  • Rust on the panel: Rust is a sign that the electrical panel has water damage. In addition to replacing the panel, it is important to find and fix the cause of the water damage. 

When one circuit breaker is damaged but the panel is in good condition, repair may be possible. However, a problem that is more widespread or an old, outdated panel may require electrical panel replacement. 

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The Right Panel  
for Your Home

A qualified electrician can inspect electrical panels to determine if repair or replacement is needed. When your electrical panel needs an upgrade, your electrician can provide a new panel that is right for your home and meets current code requirements. Your new panel will be installed in compliance with local codes for your safety and peace of mind. 

Call for a Free Estimate 

At McCauley Electric, we provide the right level of service for the needs of each customer — we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need if your electrical panel can be repaired. However, if it is time for a panel upgrade, we offer free estimates on new electrical panels in Atlanta. 


Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to request your free in-home estimate for your Electrical Panel Replacement.

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