Keep Calm, Get A Security System

Let McCauley Electric Service calm your nerves with the installation of a security system

The peace you will get from installing a security system is worth so much more than the money you’ll pay for it.  With the sun going down earlier in these autumn months and your kids being home alone after school, it’s hard not to worry.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a phone call from your security system when they get home?  How about being able to see if they’re are doing their homework or having a party while you are at work?  For you business owners, what if your security system could provide 24/7 surveillance inside and out, while you’re vacationing?  Wouldn’t the best part be getting notifications right to your iPhone or Android mobile device on any unexpected entries or activity?  Well, McCauley Electric Services can help put your mind at ease with the installation of a security system.

There is nothing more important than protecting your family, home and business.  The professionals at McCauley Electric say installing security cameras on the exterior of your property could be a life saver.  You can keep a watchful eye on large outside areas.  Also, using your exterior security camera as a high-tech peephole will allow you to see who’s knocking before you open the door. McCauley electricians recommend the Sentry RP-IP5330IR-1.3MP.  It’s an IR bullet camera designed for high resolution recording both indoors and outdoors. It features a 3.6mm fixed lens and 10 IR LEDs, providing up to 20m of visible range at night.  For recording indoors they recommend the Sentry RP-IP831-VP-1.3MP.  This is  a high resolution, color mini-dome camera designed for high resolution recording. This vandal proof camera provides resolutions up to 1280 x 960 and features a 3.6mm fixed lens. The comfort of knowing that you can watch live feed, coming from inside your house, on your phone is what indoor security cameras were made for.  McCauley Electric Services believe in Sentry security cameras.  With their state of the art, unique technology you can view any activity at your property remotely through your iPhone or Android mobile device for 24/7 surveillance.

The professionals at McCauley Electrical Services can help you keep your family, home and business safe with the installation of a security system.  So “Keep Calm and get a security system.”  Call for your FREE QUOTE today!

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