4 Things To Check When Purchasing Your First Home


Inspect It Before Purchasing Your First Home

May 1st is new home owner’s day! As you can imagine, purchasing your first home can be a hassle if you don’t know what to look out for. No one wants to bid on a home only to find out months later it is an electrical nightmare. If you are purchasing your first home, here are four things to check to ensure the in-home electrical work has been done properly.

The easiest way to determine if the in-home electrical work was done correctly is to check all rooms for precision. If the wiring in areas such as unfinished basements or attics look neat and clean, the electrician more than likely took their time to do the job right.

We all know that water and electricity do not make friendly companions. This is why it is important to observe if all exterior outlets are GFCI protected outlets. GFCI outlets are installed near wet locations for safety, so checking the kitchen, bathroom, patio, and any other exterior outlets is essential. Additionally, it is important to observe how many exterior lights there are and what condition they are in. Flood lights and motion sensor lights illuminate the exterior of the home and can provide extra security for you and your family. 

Along with checking to see if the outlets are GFCI protected, it is critical to know the condition of the outlets used within the home. Are they two prong non-grounded style or three prong grounded style? How many outlets are in each room and where are they located within that room. Knowing this information can help determine how the room can be used and if you will need to add any outlets to meet your needs.

Smoke Detectors
Lastly, it is extremely important to always check for smoke detectors. Look to see if they are installed, how old they are, and what condition they are currently in. New smoke detectors are white. If the smoke detector in the house has a yellow faded tint, it is more than likely an older unit that needs to be replaced. Most smoke detectors have a ten-year life span.

If your home passes this personal inspection, the in-home electrical work is more than likely up to par and in good condition! Let this be your guide when purchasing your first home. Call Patrick of McCauley Electric if you prefer a professional Atlanta electrician to help you inspect your next potential home.

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