Home Electrical Safety Tips For Fall.


Home Electrical Safety Tips for Fall. 

As Temperatures begin to drop in the next month or so most of us will begin using more electrical appliances (space heaters, Leaf blowers, etc.).  Ensure that your home and property remain safe from fire by following these electrical safety tips from McCauley Electric

Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

Check your smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors in the spring and fall. Replace batteries if necessary with lithium ion or another battery that last 10 years or more.  It is recommended that you mark the date of installation of your detectors these detectors and replace them after 10 years.    

Space Heater Safety 

Portable Space heaters are great when needing to heat a small area or room in your home but are also a fire hazard if not used properly. Make sure they have plenty of space around them and avoid placing other household items close by to avoid potential a fire hazard. 

Use outdoor electrical devices with care 

Additional rain and moisture in fall require greater care when using electrical tools and appliances outdoors.  If using power tools outside, make sure they are suitable for outdoor use.  Outdoor outlets should be GFCI with covers to avoid moisture.   Call your trusted local electrician if you have questions or need help with GFCI outlet installation.  

Inspect extension cords 

Halloween and the holidays will be upon us soon.  Inspect extension cords to ensure they are not damaged or worn and make sure that your extension cords are rated for outdoor use. 

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