Landscape Lighting Accentuates Your Home

Landscape lighting helps show off your home and keep things safe.

When paying someone a visit after dark, one of the most noticeable features is the landscape lighting.  A home’s exterior and yard are the first things people see when they arrive and you probably spend a lot of time making these look great.  Why not show off your hard work even after sunset?

If you’re looking to show off your flowers or shrubbery, you have a couple of options in landscape lighting.  Area lights can be used to highlight your most beautiful plants and add some color at night.  You might also consider in-ground lighting around the foundation of your home to light up bushes and other plants from behind.

You can also display your home’s architecture with the addition of landscape lighting.  Accent lights or flood lights can be installed to shine on those places you’re most proud of.  You can also add lighting around doors and in gathering places, such as the back yard or patio, for those late-night parties.  Outdoor sconces, wall luminaires, and tree lights are all options for this sort of landscape lighting.  Each light’s usefulness will vary depending on how your home and yard are laid out.

Although we’re often told not to mix electricity and water, landscape lighting can be an exception.  Not only can water features around your home benefit from the sorts of lights we’ve already talked about, but lights can also be added inside these features, even underwater.  One type of landscape lighting that fits this bill is tape lighting, which is waterproof lights along a strip.  These can make your swimming look unique while enhancing also safety.

Not only does landscape lighting look great, it can also help with safety around the home.  Path lights illuminate (as you might guess) the paths leading to important areas of your home, such as from the driveway to the entrances.  Once your guests are at the door, you can continue to light the way with step lights.  While landscape lighting in general helps keep a home well-lit and discourages burglars, you may wish to consider flood lights as an added precaution.  Many models come with motion sensors that only turn the lights on when they sense movement.  This not only keeps your power consumption down but can also be your first sign that someone is approaching your home.

The return of spring means more outdoor get-togethers and landscape lighting can keep your guests out of the dark.  McCauley Electrical Service can install, repair, or replace any landscape lighting you need.  Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to discuss how we can help light up your home.

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