Local Electrician Offers Tips For Hiring An Electrician

The metro Atlanta area is a vast area with hundreds of electrical contractors and companies competing for your business.  Selecting the right local electrician for your electrical repairs may seem like a daunting task.  At McCauley Electric we’ve decided to put together a list of items to consider when selecting a local electrician in the North Metro Atlanta area. While some may seem obvious, there are a few maybe not so obvious but equally important. Here is our list of recommendations for choosing the best electrical service provider for your electrical projects: 


Make sure that the local electrician you work with has a valid license.  You can contact your local city officials for the details on licensing requirements.  For example, in Georgia there are no licensing requirements to become an electrician. However, a license is required to own you own electrical service business or perform work as an electrical contractor without supervision.  To work as an electrician without supervision an electrical contractor must have 4 years of documented on the job work experience, or 4 years of college education in the electrical field.  In addition, to maintain a valid and current license an electrician must complete 8 hours of classroom training every 2 years.   

Proof of Insurance 

Just important as a license is the need to hire an electrician with liability insurance.  The liability insurance will usually cover up to one million dollars in damages.  Do not under any circumstance overlook the need for valid liability insurance. 

Online Reviews 

Online reviews speak to the reliability of a local electrician and overall client satisfaction.  A quick search on Google Reviews or Yelp can quickly provide you with an overall snapshot of a company’s reputation.  You can see our Google Reviews here.  

Compare Cost 

Make sure to get a least 3 estimates for your household electrical projects.  All estimates should be similar in pricing without a great fluctuation in pricing.  Be skeptical of low ball pricing estimates.  While choosing the cheapest estimate may seem tempting, it’s not necessarily always the best idea. Look for consistency on the estimates and a detailed itemized description of work so you understand exactly what you are being billed for and what the final cost will be.  Make sure that you have the estimate in writing. 


How well does the electrician communicate with you?  You don’t need an overly friendly person but it helps to have someone that is genuine and easy to communicate with.  If they don’t present well during your first consultation you may want to reconsider working with that provider.  They should be able to clearly articulate the scope or work and the time frame for completing the project. 


Find out what type of electrical projects they specialize in or prefer working on.  Often times local electricians have preferred service work that aligns with their skill set.  For example, you may not want to have an electrician performing a circuit panel replacement when they are more experienced with or prefer doing landscape lighting and home automation projects.     

Warranty / Satisfaction Guarantee 

Larger residential electrical projects should include a written warranty that clearly states the companies process and time frame for  remedying defects in workmanship and quality.  This should be a documented and provided to you before the electrical service is provided.  

Hiring a licensed, insured and friendly electrician will provide you with the confidence that your home electrical projects are done right, on time, and on budget every time. If you have questions or need assistance with your residential electrical projects please feel free to contact McCauley Electric. McCauley Electric is a locally owned independent residential and small commercial electrician.  Serving Midtown, Ansley Park, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, John’s Creek and North Metro Atlanta since 1999.  For questions or to request service please contact or call (678) 324-3117

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