Best Home Theater Setup By An Atlanta Electrician

The holidays are here and there is no better time of year to update or install a new home theater system.  Everywhere we look there are smart TVs, speakers and sound systems on sale. A great home theater installation is a great way to relax, listen to music, and stream the latest movies. After you brave the holiday rush and purchase your new theater system or smart TV you need to do some planning. Proper planning and installation will go a long way in getting the most out of your new system and ensure that your equipment is protected and safe.  McCauley Electric is offering a few tips for a perfect home theater setup and installation.  If you are pinched for time and need expert installation you can contact us to schedule the perfect home theater or smart tv setup.

Here are some Electrical Tips for the best home theater or smart TV installation.  Careful planning will provide safety, optimal performance and maximum enjoyment.  Follow these installation tips for success.

Plan your furniture placement and viewing distance first:

For an optimal viewing follow this guide to determine the viewing distance you should be from your television equipment. Once you have the right distance, you can plan the furniture and speaker layout and start thinking about wire and cable management.  Finally, make sure that all equipment wires and cables have necessary access to nearby electrical outlets, and that they are distributed evenly.

Wires and Cable management:

We start out with best intentions when planning our wire and cable management, but it seems things can get messy fast.  We recommend using zip ties or electronic wire sleeves for cable and wire management.  For those areas of the floor where we need to run cable across short distances you can use wire concealers that will allow foot traffic.

Safety: Anchor that tv or entertainment system to the wall:

All entertainment systems, and TVs need to be mounted to the wall.  This is basic safety and will protect our friends and family from unwanted accidents and possible injury.  There are many equipment options so look at customer reviews to determine which safety bracket and mounting setup is right for you.

Use surge protectors:

Avoid using extension cords whenever possible.  Instead use rated surge protectors to protect your home and home theater investment.  The TV, cable box, your Wi-Fi router, speakers all need proper power and surge protection.  Invest in quality surge protectors to protect equipment and make sure they are placed in well ventilated areas.

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