The Necessity Of Bathroom Vent Fans

Bathroom vent fans help remove odors and reduce mold growth.

Although it wasn’t always the case, many of the bathrooms people visit these days have a bathroom vent fan.  Their most obvious use is of course to get rid of lingering odors, but they are also useful for other practical purposes.

Bathroom vent fans not only remove unwanted smells, they also help ventilate the bathroom in other ways.  Some of the harsher chemicals used in cleaning up a bathroom can create noxious fumes, especially in small areas.  A bathroom vent fan can remove these and keep them from building up to dangerous levels.

All of us like a hot shower or bath every now and then, especially on colder nights or mornings.  Condensation on the mirror may be a side effect of these you’ve grown accustomed to, but it might also be the first signs of a growing problem.  That same moisture also settles in other parts of your bathroom and can encourage the growth of mold.  A good bathroom vent fan, however, can pull the steamy air out and keep water from settling.

We recommend leaving the fan on for 10-15 minutes after a shower to make sure all of the moisture in the air has been removed.  A timer can be installed that will turn the bathroom vent fan off after a set amount of time, meaning you won’t have the warmed or cooled air in the rest of your home being sent outside if you forget to turn the fan off.  If you’d like help with this, please give us a call at (678) 324-3117.

If you have a bathroom vent fan and you’re still seeing condensation after a shower or bath, your fan might need to be replaced or upgraded.  When doing so, consider the following specifications on any fan you’re considering:

  • Physical size:  Will the new fan fit properly in the existing vent
  • Cubic feet per minute (CFM):  This is a measurement of how much air the bathroom vent fan can move in a minute.  The larger the number, the more airflow.  A larger CFM is needed to effectively move air through larger bathrooms.
  • Sones:  This is a measurement of how much noise the fan makes.  The higher the number, the more noise the bathroom vent fan makes, so a lower number is always better here.  Two sones is considered quiet.

If you’re considering adding, replacing, or upgrading a bathroom vent fan or adding a timer, McCauley Electrical Service can help. We can install any equipment that meets your desired specifications.  Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to discuss installing a bathroom vent fan or timer and keep the air flowing.

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