Got A Home Generator?

Having a home generator can keep the power through the storm.

Turn off the lights, and light a candle. That’s what some homeowners have to do when the electricity goes out. Winter storms are turning this year’s season into quite the survival drill. While local Atlanta, GA residents are running to the grocery store for supplies; however, many are living in homes without a home generator. If the power goes out, that gallon of milk or block of cheese might not last without a home generator.

There are different types of home generators. Whole house units, or standby generators, run off of natural gas, so they tie into your home’s existing gas line. It offers the convenience of a push button start. Portable generators use regular gas. They also need a few seconds to get started- like cranking a lawnmower. You may notice people in your area rushing to the gas station. They are filling up the car and probably filling a portable gas tank for their home generator.

Icy conditions from extreme winter cold can cause power lines to freeze, causing a lost of electricity. Frozen tree limbs Flash lights are handy, but having a backup generator is much better. A home generator can support the major appliances in a home through severe weather conditions. Items to keep in mind for either unit to run would be heater, fridge, cooktop or microwave, and some general room outlets and lights.

A very important factor when purchasing a home generator is the wattage of the unit. Although portable generators are cheaper, the runtime is usually lower than a whole house unit because you have to keep refilling the tank. Whole house units have an auto-transfer switch that can sense a power outage and make adjustments as needed. This is valuable during a winter storm. With sleet, ice and snow reaching the metro area, having a home generator would be the best way to maintain heat in the home during a power outage.

Staying warm and cozy is a must this year. Think about a home generator so you can be prepared for storms to come throughout the year. Call McCauley Electrical Service for home generator, whole house unit installation today!

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