Downed Power Lines: The Shock Of Your Life!

Use extreme caution when dealing with downed power lines

Downed power lines are extremely dangerous! Whether their caused by severe weather, fallen trees, vehicle or construction accidents or your friendly little squirrel climbing on the equipment, NEVER attempt to remove downed power lines.  Only a professional electrician has the equipment and know-how to deal with this situation.  There are some important tips that will help you stay alive when you come across downed power lines.  The first thing to do is call 911.  It will require emergency services to block off the area and avoid any serious injuries that can occur.  Next call your local utility company’s emergency department, as they will be the ones to repair the line.  Warn others to stay away and if they don’t listen do not attempt to touch them or you will get the shock of your life.  According to the National Weather Service website, if you touch a person who is in direct or indirect contact with downed power lines you will be the second victim.  If a power line falls on your car, it is best to stay in your vehicle until the authorities arrive.  Also warn others not to touch your car or the down power lines.  Only get out, if your car is on fire, and if that is the case jump as far away from the vehicle as possible.  Avoid contact with the car and the ground at the same time.  Another thing to avoid around downed power lines are puddles.  Water is an excellent conductor, which means the live current would travel through the water to get to you.

Being in the dark due to the electrical damage from a storm is always frustrating and waiting for the power company to restore service can be down-right disheartening.  Although downed power lines due to falling tree branches can only be prevented by trimming your trees, the electricians at McCauley Electric suggest you invest in a generator to combat any loss of power.  A home generator can support the major appliances in your home through severe weather conditions.  There is no way to beat the wrath of Mother Nature but it is definitely wise to be ready for her when she brings in those disastrous, destructive high winds.  Maintain your trees now in order to prevent downed power lines later. The professionals at Sharp Tree Service specialize in assessing tree health and it would be wise to call in a licensed and insured arborists for a job as crucial as this. Please remember, downed power lines are dangerous and it is best to avoid any and all contact with them or you will definitely get the shock of your life!

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