Choosing A Contractor

Some guidelines on choosing an Atlanta electrical contractor

If there are things around your home that need repairs or updates, it might be time to consider choosing a contractor to help out.  Selecting the right contractor is perhaps the most important step in getting these jobs done right, on time, and affordably.

Although it might seem simple, the best first steps in choosing a electrical contractor is to ask people you know.  Friends and family who have had work done recently can narrow the field of potential candidates considerably.  These trustworthy sources can answer some basic questions about a contractor and the quality of the work that was done.  Write down the names of a few highly-praised contractors and continue your research online.

Various websites are available that rate electrical contractors based on customer feedback.  Looking into these can be a great step in your research, but don’t let this be your only online resource for choosing a contractor.  Checking a contractor’s status with your local better business bureau and similar agencies allows you to see if the contractor has had disputes.  Be wary of those that have too many bad reviews or disputes!

Once this is done, contact a few of the highest-rated electrical contractors by phone or email to discuss your project.  Things you should talk about include:

  • discussing your projects and how these might be completed
  • asking the contractor for current references from recent jobs
  • verifying that the contractor is licensed and insured
  • asking the contractor to certify that the work will meet all state and local codes and regulations
  • making sure the contractor will provide a cost estimate, in writing

This will probably narrow down your choices to only a few electrical contractors.  At this stage, it doesn’t hurt to meet with each candidate in person to make sure they put you at ease about their professionalism.  After all, the contractor and her or his employees will be working in your home for some length of time, and you should feel comfortable allowing them to do so.

Finally, make sure the contractor is comfortable with putting everything in writing before work begins.  A contract between you and the contractor should set out:

  • start and projected completion dates
  • payment schedule
  • proof of insurance
  • acquiring lien waivers from all subcontractors that will be working with the contractor
  • any specific materials or products you wish to be used

Once all of this has been discussed with each electrical contractor, it’s time to make your decision.  Remember to take all factors into consideration when doing so.  Simply going with the lowest cost estimate isn’t always the best answer when choosing a contractor.

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