Prepare Your Home With A Backup Generator

Is your home prepared with a backup generator?

If a disastrous super storm, like Sandy, hits land again, do you have a safe and functional backup generator in place? This week has proven that it is best to be as prepared as humanly possible when nature strikes. Sandy demolished parts of the East Coast region, leaving millions of homes unsalvageable and others without electricity for days. Although it is challenging to determine how much damage a storm is going to present before it hits, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan for such worse case scenarios.

At McCauley Electrical Service we provide standby, portable and whole house generator installation services. The first step to purchasing a generator for your home is determining what you want to keep running when the power goes out. You may only need a generator for critical circuits, for the majority of circuits, or for the entire house. Knowing the maximum amount of electricity your household consumes per month will help in determining what size generator you should purchase for a whole house generator.

Whole house generators come in multiple sizes, ranging from 7 to 48 kilowatts and they cost more than the average standby generator. A 7-kilowatt generator has 30 amps for your basic needs and a 48-kilowatt generator has 200amps. This type of generator can weather the storm.

At McCauley Electrical Service we can help you secure your home for inclement weather. Atlanta has had an ice storm here and there, so being prepared for the winter months can be helpful. Play it safe. Call us for a FREE estimate or for more information.

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