Security Cameras, Lighting And More

Maybe security cameras should be on your list of items to purchase this holiday season.

Security cameras are a great deterrent for burglars. During this time of year, home invasions or robberies are on the rise as criminals break into homes to steal Christmas gifts and other items. Through our new partnership with Sentry Security Systems Inc., McCauley Electrical Service is here to help by offering security cameras, lighting and installation services.

Burglars tend to look for easy access and good escape routes when planning a break-in. Although your Christmas gifts may be beautifully wrapped, displaying them in plain sight is not wise and very inviting to criminal activity. Having security cameras installed along with an active security system can help keep your home safe. We have CCTV security cameras of different kinds to fit your property and surveillance needs. IP Cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom), WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Infrared— you name it, we got it. Your backyard may only need one Mini-Dome camera to keep prowlers at bay. We have that too, along with accessories such as power supplies, DVRs, controllers and readers.

What are the benefits of having security cameras? IP cameras, for example have a higher degree of video detail. They can zoom in on live and recorded video with little pixilation. Using a single IP camera can take the place of multiple low resolution cameras. Catching the license plate of the getaway van just got easier. To help your new cameras perform at their best, incorporating security lighting around your property is most helpful. McCauley Electric can install all forms of indoor and outdoor lighting. If you need flood lights to make your home or office safe, give us a call for products and installation information.

Security cameras are not only for homes; they are for businesses as well. As a small business, we understand the importance of keeping your office and equipment safe. McCauley Electric offers digital video recorders for constant video and audio surveillance. The V Series Digital Video Recorder caters to a wide range of applications, add-ons and upgrades. It also comes with Blackberry, Android and iPhone mobile support.

Let’s face it. No place is safe from criminal activity these days. Even the UPS delivery man can steal your holiday gifts right off your door step without you knowing. Check out this recent video from YouTube where a UPS delivery guy steals a father’s gift to his daughter in broad open daylight. The gift was dropped off by FedEX in the morning and then later stolen by UPS in the evening. With the help of a small security camera tucked away on the front porch of the home, a little girl was still able to have a merry Christmas. If a security camera was not in place, the gift would have been lost.

We’re bringing on new services at McCauley Electric to better serve you, our customers. Call us for more information and a FREE Quote today.

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