Fun Interior Design With Decorative Lighting

Spice up your home with decorative lighting!

Decorative lighting can be a game changer in interior home design. It can elevate your home to the next level, away from the drab or practical approach to home decorating. Decorative lighting opens up a room based solely on color schemes. For example, the holidays are coming up. You can bring the holiday cheer of Christmas to the inside of your home without stringing up lights. Let’s see how you can have a little fun updating your home with decorative lighting.

As we mentioned, the holidays are coming up. However, you don’t have to use the holidays as an excuse to change up your interior lighting. Ever thought about rotating the color scheme in your hallway? McCauley Electrical Service offers home automation services in which we can design your lights on a timer. We can install a light control system that will allow you to control when and which lights are on in your home. Deck the halls with glims of color to mark 12 days of Christmas. Alternate the light bulbs in your lighting fixtures to different colors thus updating your home with decorative lighting. One day the hallway light fixtures can be blue and red or green on another day. If you have task lighting installed, such as well-positioned recessed lightspendants or track lighting, you can really be creative with decorative light bulbs. The fixture itself can be colored or you can insert light filters or lenses to change the lighting to colors such as amber.

Installing decorative lighting in the living room can be fun. The color of the light bouncing off the furniture and paint on the walls can completely change the look of a room. Blue can mix with red to create an aura of purple or red can mix with yellow for a hue of orange. Decorative lighting can create any mood in any room by adding texture and life to the objects and shapes.

If you are looking for home automation for lighting controls, McCauley Electrical Service can complete the installation. Call (678) 324-3117 for a FREE QUOTE. We offer online coupons to new customers.

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