Electrical Wiring From An Electrician In Atlanta: Brownouts

Brownout can let you know if your electrical wiring is going bad.

How often do you think about the electrical wiring in your home? It’s probably not a thought at all. Most of us are used to blackouts, but it may not occur to us when brownouts happen. What about the outlets? Do you know what kind of outlets are in your bathroom or kitchen? This is important yet most homeowners tend to overlook these things. Let’s take a look at the importance of electrical wiring by covering brownouts in the home.

Brownouts are characterized by a drop in electrical current. Unbeknownst to most, when the voltage dips low in an electrical power supply it can result in a house fire. If the electrical wiring in your home is faulty a brownout can happen. For example, a brownout can occur when the refrigerator or the AC turns on. This is considered a small brownout, but it can be potentially dangerous and worth investigating. Another example is a brownout followed by a power surge. The lights might go dim with the start of the heater but then they get really bright for a certain amount of time before going back to the normal voltage. This means there is something seriously wrong with your home wiring, and you need to contact an electrician quickly for an inspection.

It is always important to complete an electrical inspection with a professional electrician from time to time. If you live in an older home it is a good practice to check the outlets and wiring to major appliances to make sure they are up to code and safe for use.

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