What’S Up With Those Flickering Lights?

Flickering lights might be the sign that there is a major electrical problem behind the walls.

Do you see flickering lights when you use the microwave? Does the table lamp go a little dim when the AC unit turns on? Flickering lights might be a sign that there is more going on behind your walls. The electrical outlets and or switches might need replacing. There are multiple reasons why flickering lights occur in the home. McCauley Electric can help determine if you need electrical wiring repairs or a full electrical service upgrade. Let’s take a look at what happens beyond the light switch.

Sometimes flickering lights can be an easy fix such as a loose light bulb. Incandescent bulbs that are loose in the socket can flicker due to lost connection. A loose connection in an outlet or switch will also cause a light, or a section of lights, to flicker.  When squirrels get in the attic or walls of a home, they like to chew on the wires for some reason. This can damage and weaken the wire, not allowing the electricity to flow through the wire properly.  

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Flickering lights can also be the result of rust or a loose or damaged connection in your meter can. If the covering to your service cable going into the meter is cracked, this can let water into the can and cause rust to form. Do not attempt to fix this yourself, you can injure or even kill yourself if you do not take safety precautions when working in a meter can. Sounds simple enough right? Not really. You need an experience electrician to handle anything faulty regarding the meter can. 

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A loose connection at the power company supply can cause voltage spikes, voltage drops, or surges when certain appliances are used in the home. These surges or voltage spikes, drops, and surges can damage your HVAC system, computers, TV’’s and other electronic devices in your home.

Another issue could rely on the amount of maximum amps designed for the electrical grid for the home. Maybe your home has exceeded the full load of running amps, causing the electrical power in the home to work extra hard to keep things on. This can be a real problem for older homes that have not been updated to handle the amount of power we use now. A lot has changed in the past 30 years as to how we use electricity. A quick call to an electrician can fix this.

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