Make Sure The Door Locks Behind You

Automatic door locks can help improve the security of your home or office.

How many times have you run out the house without locking the door? It happens sometimes when we are rushed. It’s not so uncommon to forget to lock up the office or home when in a hurry. Well McCauley Electric has an answer to this problem. Automatic door locks can help keep your home or office safe at all times. You never have to worry about leaving your property wide open to criminal elements. Let’s take a closer look at how McCauley Electric can improve your home security with automatic door locks.

As you may know by now, McCauley Electric offers home automation services. This also includes locking doors. We can upgrade your heating and air system and security system for remote operation as well as your door locks. Schlage door locks are equipped to tie into your alarm system so you can activate your home or office security from anywhere. McCauley Electric can automate your door locks so you can lock up your home or office from anywhere. By using an application that is accessible for iOS and Android users you can access your home or office through any mobile device.

Forgot to lock the front door? No worries; just slide your finger across the door lock app and arm your home in a flash. Can’t remember if you locked the office before hitting the road at 5pm? No one is going to smash and grab your products. Grab your iPad and lock the office or any commercial property with ease. Electronic door locks come in different styles to fit your lifestyle. We can install an electronic deadbolt or keyless door lock to make life simpler. A keyless door lock takes the pain of lost keys away. No more making keys or wondering what happen to old keys. Never lock yourself out again while making sure others will never get in. Electronic door locks are not as easy to pick for criminals, plus the access code can be any combination. Let the kids in when they get home from school or unlock the house when the parents visit from out of town while you are at work. This is where safety meets convenience.

McCauley Electrical Service can install a new door locks in your home or business. Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 for a FREE Quote. We also have a current promotion for New Clients.

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