Security Lights Can Free Your Mind

A dark yard isn’t safe. Keep burglars out with new security lights.

The spotlight in my backyard went out. I replaced the light bulb with a new one, but the light doesn’t turn on. My yard is wooded and very dark at night. I don’t feel safe without the spotlight. Maybe it’s time to replace the entire light fixture? It is rather rusty on the outside.

Does this sound like you? If so, we can help you make a wise choice about your home and personal security. Instead of replacing the old spotlight with a basic light fixture, install flood lights or security lights. This particular lighting was designed to provide extra bright light to residential and commercial properties.

Security lights can make a huge difference in your home security. Having a simple porch light may not be enough to make you feel safe at night. Security lights are a great way to illuminate your property and keep unwanted criminal activity away from your home. Make sure those dark corners are lit. If you have to travel for work, we can install your security lights on a timer. Programming your outdoor lights to go on at dusk and go off at dawn can also help you safe on energy usage. It’s the fall and daylight savings is coming up. McCauley Electric can make you feel safe. We can even do it with style.

Those security lights your grandpa had for decades are of an old design. Now you can keep your home modern on the inside and outside with the lighting fixtures. At McCauley Electric we use designs from Cooper Lighting. If you have a fixture and just need the installation we can handle it. It is very important to trust your electrical projects with a skilled professional electrician.

Call (678) 324-3117 if you need immediate electrical repair and installation services. We offer a FREE Estimate and online coupons to new customers.

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