Whole House Lighting Systems, Part 3: Z-Wave

Last in our series: Z-Wave whole house lighting systems

We have introduced you to some fantastic whole home lighting systems in our last couple of blog posts. Thank you for engaging in the series. Last on our list is the Z-Wave whole house lighting system.

Designed to simplify your life just like the Lutron products we mentioned previously in our whole home lighting series. The point of whole house lighting is to help you secure your home while providing energy efficiency to your living space. Z-Wave offers an extensive line of whole house systems so you can design the functionality of your home to fit your specific needs.

It’s nice to know you can relax and feel safe while having dinner or watching TV. Home automation provides a level of peace of mind homeowners can rely on whether in or outside the home. Parents can use the Z-Wave whole lighting system to make sure their kids are safe while they are at work. You can program your home to fit any schedule.

For the record, we use the term whole house lighting system to give you a full spectrum of what these products are capable of doing for automating your home. You can start off small with a Z-Wave lighting switch to program the lights in your home.  Set your lights to an automated schedule so your home is never dark upon entry. Keep the perimeter of the home lit while on vacation so it appears someone is home to keep burglars away.

As you get more comfortable, you can add on more items such as the thermostat or an alarm system. Setting the home temperature can help you save on utility bills. As the temperature changes from morning to night, set the thermostat to settings that will use less energy.  Set your locks to your system for extra security. Never get locked out again as well. Not sure if you locked the front door while running out late for work? Double check your home by locking the doors from your remote controller. Set your home alarm system or disarm it for house guests while sitting at your desk at work.

Remember in our first post when we said that whole house lighting systems are all about convenience”? Z-Wave products are all designed for convenience. When life can be hectic, look for ways to simplify things. By choosing a whole house lighting system installed by McCauley Electric, you can make life easier with a touch of a button. Visit Lutron and Z-Wave to see which products interest you and  fit your home needs, then call McCauley Electric for installation services (678) 324-3117.