Extension Cord Safety

extension cord

Stay warm AND safe this coming winter season

It’s gotten cold outside, which means you have probably turned up the heat in your home or office. A close second to staying warm indoors should be staying safe there as well. House fires are very common during the cold months, because of the increased usage of fireplaces and space heaters as well as extension cords. We at McCauley Electric want you to stay warm AND safe while being cozy in your home or office. Extension cord safety is important! 

Many of us use those light-duty extension cords (containing 3 ports for 2 prong plugs) or multi-outlet surge protectors in our home and office throughout the year to keep our computers, printers, televisions, cable boxes and many other things working at optimum speed. However, you should ALWAYS keep extension cords away from direct heat sources such as fireplaces or space heaters and NEVER use extension cords with space heaters. This is a guaranteed way to start a fire which can lead to you losing many of the things you have worked so hard for.

We are also within the season where Christmas trees are beautifying homes across the nation. Along with space heaters, this may be an another plug added to one of your extension cords. You definitely don’t want to overload it with those infamous Christmas tree light decoration cords. It is ALWAYS good extension cord safety practice to try to minimize this as much as possible. Also, since our goal is to stay warm and safe this coming winter, this time of the year is the perfect opportunity to check your extension cords for cracks or frayed ends.

Please use these tips and let us know how they helped to keep your household safe this coming winter on our Facebook  page. If you need an Atlanta electrician, please give us a call and we will promptly fulfill your indoor and/or outdoor electrical needs!

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