Four Reasons You Need An Electrician


The Importance of Having a Reliable Atlanta Electrician on Speed Dial

Even though we have started a new year, keeping your family safe and having your home running smoothly has always been a priority. However, do you have a reliable Atlanta electrician on speed dial? If not, here are four reasons why you need to have a trusted local electrician you can call when you have electrical issues around your home.

Older Homes Equal Two Prong Outlets

If you have two prong electrical outlets instead of three prong electrical outlets, you will be very limited in what you can plug up in your home. From microwaves to televisions, the use of modern appliances is stunted with these types of ancient electrical outlets. An electrician can bring you to the 21st century with just one call.

Replacing Old Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes/panels need to be replaced if they are unsafe or can’t handle the electrical demands of your home. Older homes run into this situation. We previously noted that older homes are plagued with two prong outlets, so they more than likely have an older fuse box too. Older fuse boxes are vulnerable to storm damage which can lead to fuses being blown and a potential electrical fire.

If Your Home is a Victim of Storm Damage

If your home gets struck by lightning, your home can blow a fuse or breaker. Dimmers, outlets, switches, and electrical panels can be damaged as well. An electrician can come out and discover what went wrong and what may need to be repaired. This situation can be costly, so choose an electrician that provides a free in-home estimate.

Renovating Your Home

A licensed electrician is an important component to a home renovation project. Experienced electricians understand current trends, codes and work with you toward making the project a success. They will make sure the surround sound in your home theater is giving you a true movie theater experience. Your indoor spotlighting and outdoor floodlights highlight the beauty of your home.

These are just a few reasons to have a licensed electrician on speed dial. McCauley Electric is a perfect fit. We provide free in-home estimates to access what exactly is wrong and execute the necessary process to repair or renovate your home to the electrical experience you desire. Give us a call today at (678) 324-3117.