Fun With Lighting Control Systems

Keep Your Property Vibrant With Lighting Control Systems

We have covered the importance of whole house lighting systems in our most recent blog series. Now we will show you how using lighting control systems can create ambiance inside and outside the home. You can do more than turn lights on and off on a timer; you can set the mood or change the atmosphere throughout your property. It’s not all about electrical work and saving money. Let’s have some fun shall we.

Z-Wave and Lutron whole house lighting systems are great for keeping your home safe and saving money on utility bills. Did you know lighting control systems can provide just enough change in and outside of the home when the scenery gets a little old? For example, in the past we have spoken about LED lights and how they can affect the look and feel of a room; however, this change can happen more often with lighting control systems. Instead of using your normal soft white incandescent bulbs in the family room or great room, try using colored bulbs and set them to a timer. If you are throwing a party, change up the scene and set your room to blue, red or green lighting. It’s still summer, so throw an all white party and fade in a black light for the right ambience. Now everything is glowing.

What about outside of the home? If you have good landscaping, adding colored outdoor lighting can really make your yard stand out. Cookout season is still in play, so invite your friends over and watch their eyes light up when you automatically give them a light show at dusk. Use your lighting control system to change garden lights to purple and pathway lights to yellow. You can add flood lights to a timer as well for extra security and brightness when entertaining at night. Shake things up and mix your lighting to give off certain colors poolside, like mixing red and blue to get magenta light. Be creative!

Usually electrical work can only sound exciting for the electrician. Now you can add some flare to something as simple as a light switch. If you are looking to change you your home lighting, give McCauley Electric a call at (678) 324-3117 for lighting control systems and installation services.