Update Your Room With A New Switch Or Wall Outlet Replacement

Do you have old wall outlets or bad switches? How about a new switch or wall outlet replacement from McCauley Electrical Service!

Did you know a simple wall outlet replacement or new switch installation in your home or office can bring new life to your interior design and only takes a few minutes? Do you have outlets you can’t use anymore because nothing stays plugged in; your cords just keep falling out of the outlet? Your wall outlets can become worn down over time due to usage, especially ones that you use all the time like the one for your vacuum cleaner.

When we accidentally paint over a wall outlet while updating the look of a room the paint can get inside the outlet causing internal damage that can be dangerous. It’s always good to replace your wall outlets to update not only the functionality of the outlet but to also update the look. Let’s see how McCauley electric can help improve your wall outlets and switches. First we’ll start with a wall outlet replacement. This is a simple job that takes only a few minutes yet it makes all the difference. Painted over wall outlets make it difficult to plug in any equipment or appliance. The paint hardens inside the outlet making it difficult for any plug to fit. Sometimes we want to stick something inside the outlet to loosen the paint, but this should not be done at all. Trying to pick the paint out of an outlet can damage the outlet and cause a shock or fire hazard. Forcing a plug into a clogged wall outlet can also result in breaking the plug off into the outlet, which causes more problems.

Another danger to paint over wall outlets is the potential for a fire hazard. When paint enters a wall outlet, it gets on the metal spring blades, which lessens the contact between the prongs on the plug and the outlet causing a loss in the transfer of electricity. However, this can generate heat every time you try to plug something into the outlet. Over time, this is just a fire waiting to happen.

Switches are another item that are easy and inexpensive to replace and can bring a fresh look to any room. Switches get dirty from everyday use and they can wear out faster as well. If you have a switch that crackles, sparks, or just has to be held in a certain way to work; it might be time to replace that switch. A bad switch can cause light bulbs to burn out quicker and damage the wiring at the switch. After a period of time the contacts in the switch become worn down and don’t allow the electricity to pass through the switch easily. This can cause little power surges in the light fixture that causes the bulbs to burn out quicker than they should. The poor connection in the switch also creates heat which can damage the wiring were it connects to the switch, compounding the problem even more.

And if you decide it’s time to replace your switches, it is the perfect time to install dimmers. Dimmers not only save you money on your electric bill, but also can double the life span of your bulbs. Just dimming your lights 10%, and by the way the human eye cannot detect the difference between 100% and 90% light, will double the lifespan of your bulbs. But you have to make sure you chose the right dimmer for the job and for the light fixture.

If you are looking to add a little pizzazz to the room, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors from satin to gloss to metal finishes. Stark white and dirty old ivory are not your only color choices anymore! Call McCauley Electric for a Free Quote today! (678) 324-3117

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