Turn A Drab Yard Into Fab With Landscape Lighting

How Can Landscape Lighting Make a Difference?

There is more to landscape lighting than throwing clear Christmas lights up in your tree branches. Landscape lighting is a very creative and stylish opportunity to shed some light on your outdoor living space. It can act as an extension of your personality from the interior of your home to the exterior. Got a well-groomed garden? Put it on display with the right landscape lighting fixtures such as garden lights. Let’s take a closer look at how your landscape can beam brightly in the night.

Outdoor lighting comes in many designs just like interior light fixtures. McCauley Electrical Services uses landscape lighting from Vista ProCorona and Hadco. Wall scones are not just for the hallway inside your home. We can install outdoor scones or luminaires that have the same design effect. Outdoor wall luminaires are a great way to add landscape lighting to your backyard oasis or even the side of the home next to the front porch. They are excellent for an outdoor kitchen area as well. Some customers enjoy the exterior design aesthetics of their home, so they call on McCauley Electric to install accent or flood lights to spotlight the architecture. Flood lights can also act as a security measure to help illuminate a dark yard and keep intruders away. If your yard has flourishing exotic plants and flowers that showcase bright and bold colors, inground lighting may be of interest to you. Make those natural additions to your landscape pop even more with accessories like landscape lighting dichroic filters or tree mounts.

Did you know McCauley Electric can add light to your hardscaping and outdoor steps? If your home has a pathway installed we can install landscape lighting such as pathway lights. Stone, concrete or natural rock hardscape will look smooth as ice in the right lighting. You can choose from halogen, LED or incandescent lighting fixtures. We can brighten your brickwork by adding in step lights. LED step lights are a simple way to be just a little different from the neighbors. If your backyard has a fountain or pond, McCauley Electric can also install underwater lighting to make your water feature glow in the moonlight.

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