Spruce Up Your Landscape Lighting For Spring

Update your landscape lighting for spring time parties.

Some people think outdoor lighting is leaving a set a clear Christmas lights on the house and turning them on for backyard gatherings. Well, that works, but you can do so much more. And outdoor lighting is not limited to just a back porch light either. That’s expected and it’s not very helpful in illuminating the entire or specific parts of the yard. Landscape lighting can become a very creative experience for homeowners. You can explore many different ways to light up the night. Let’s take a look!

Landscape lighting should take your landscaping up a notch. You should add outdoor lighting to display your great landscaping and the exterior of your home as well as any area for entertaining guests. For example, the patio table. We recently saw an awesome idea of HGTV in which light bulbs were added to a patio umbrella. It’s a neat way to add some extra lighting to your dining area. This is great for a late night BBQ. Just be sure to string your lights so they do not touch the cloth of the umbrella. Wouldn’t want you to have a fire.

If you have large property, area lights might be the way to go. These lights can sit anywhere in the yard and provide great lighting for your plants. If your yard is full of colorful flowers, shine some light on them to show off your gardening skills. Take a look at the following photos. Please note the difference in the yard at day compared to how beautiful it is at night.

Landscape lighting can take on a presence of its own on your property. Products such as in-ground lights can add lighting in small areas that make a big difference. You can install in-ground lights along the foundation of your home to add lighting to your shrubs. Make those bushes bright. Also because these lights are in the ground the fixtures are hidden.

Watch that first step…it’s a doozy! Step lights and path lights can illuminate your patio and walkways. Install step and pathway lighting to avoid unwanted falls and spills when entertaining guests in the evening. If you have brick steps all the better. Brick step lights provide excellent light to deck areas or outdoor kitchens. Another cool idea is to add lighting to your railing or swimming pool. Tape lighting offers light to dry and wet surfaces. It can stay submerged in up to 5 feet of water, so you can create an underwater trail in your pool for parties this spring. They come in colors too like amber, blue, green red and your basic white.

Landscape lighting can also provide some extra security at night. A well-lit home not only shows off your home, but also helps to keep intruders away. Remember, burglars like a dark home where they can hide in the shadows and not worry about being seen by the neighbors.

Of course it takes a professional electrician to property install outdoor or landscape lighting at your home. When you are ready to take your grounds to the next level, call McCauley Electrical Services for lighting installation services. Call us at (678) 324-3117 for a FREE QUOTE!

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