Installing New Dimmers, CFL & LED Bulbs

Ever thought about installing new dimmers with LED bulbs?

McCauley Electric can help you by installing new light dimmers CFL and LED bulbsin your home. Did you know lighting accounts for almost 15% of the average home’s electricity usage? No wonder our parents always told us to turn off the lights if we weren’t using them. Nowadays you can purchase energy star qualified light bulbs to help curve the cost of monthly utility bills. Dimming kills two birds with one stone by helping you save on energy as well as create the perfect light level for any mood. McCauley Electric can guide you to the perfect light system for you home or business.

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) produce the same amount of light as comparable incandescent light bulbs, but they use 75% less energy and produce less heat. CFLs can also last up to ten times longer than a regular bulb. LEDs (light emitting diode bulbs) are even better. They produce virtually no heat and can last almost 25 times as long, 22-25 years which means you may never have to change a bulb again. LEDs also use 85% less electricity than the average incandescent bulb. Most ordinary dimmers do not take CFLs or LEDs.  However, there are dimmers specifically created for these types of bulbs. Such dimmers require a professional electrician for installation. That’s where we come in.

McCauley Electric can install dimmers and CFL or LED bulbs in your home. We can repair any broken dimmer or bad electrical connection that may reqire re-wiring. If you currently have working dimmers, we can also install new light bulbs. Selecting a new LED light fixture is a friendly trip to the nearest home improve store, like Home Depot. Don’t live in the dark. Let us shed some light on your home and electricity bill. Call McCauley Electrical Service for a Free estimate today.

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