How To Replace A Blown Fuse

Learn how to replace a blown fuse by following these tips.

When the lights go out, knowing what to do to restore power is important. To replace a blown fuse can be a simple fix if you know how to locate the problem and have the proper tools needed to repair the problem. Here are some helpful tips on replacing a blown fuse; however, when in doubt, call McCauley Electric.

If you live in a house you must know where the fuse box or panel is located. This will make finding it in the dark easier. Open the door to the fuse box and try to locate the blown fuse with a flashlight.  There should be a printed map or circuit label inside the panel door or next to each fuse to help you identify them. If the circuits are not mapped you will have to use trial and error to locate the blown fuse. Remove each fuse and test them individually. Make sure to use a tester that can measure continuity, the tester should either glow or make a sound when it registers good continuity.  Place one tester lead to the tip of the fuse and the other to the metal tab above the treads. If the tester glows or makes a sound, then the fuse is good. If it does not glow then the fuse is bad. Make sure to replace the blown fuse with one that has the same AMP rating. Replacing a blown fuse with one that has a higher AMP rating can lead to a fire and be a safety hazard. After the bad fuse is identified, replacing it with a new fuse is simple; simply screw in the new fuse. If you have a fuse block instead, you will have to install a new cartridge fuse and put it back in the block. You’re appliances and lights should work again. This has been your helpful electrical tip from McCauley Electrical Service and as always we’ll keep you grounded

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