Homeworks Part 1: Ever Thought About Installing A Lighting Control System?

Increase the lighting flexibility with a new lighting control system.

Who can remember this? Hey kid, turn off that light you think electricity is free! Or maybe this one…you trying to light up the house so it can be seen from space? Over the years, kids have heard one of these phrases or another at least once. Parents are always the first to turn off a light or complain about an energy bill. Maybe if homeowners invested in a lighting control system they would not have to worry about the dollars they burn with each flick of a switch. A lighting control system can help you save money and your sanity. How you might ask?

At McCauley Electric we always uses top quality products such as Lutron lighting control systems. A lighting control system offers style, convenience, and control of your lighting needs to your home or office.

First let’s talk about how you can save money. Lutron offers different types of light dimmers to help control the quality of light in your entire home, office, or in specific rooms. We can install a single dimmer switch or install a whole house lighting system. For example, most dining rooms have a dimmer to set the mood for big family gatherings or romantic dinners. The dimmer can be turned all the way up or down to control the level of light as needed. Dimmers truly set the mood in a room. You can save money by using dimmers by controlling the lighting used as different hours of the day. Dimming a regular incandescent bulb just 10% will double the lifespan of the bulb as well as saving you 10% on your electricity. Instead of using full powered bright lights in the middle of the day, you can use more subtle light and less electricity. Lighting controls can help a household save up to 20% a year on energy bills and commercial buildings can save up to 40%.

Comfort is important no matter where you are. Lighting control systems can help you effortlessly personalize the lighting around you. If you enjoy reading in bed you may prefer low lighting, just enough to see and not enough to wake your spouse. But what happens when your other half falls asleep with the light on? Do you gently nudge them or smack them upside the head till they turn off the light, or get up and turn the light off yourself? With a tabletop lighting controller you can simply press a single button and turn off their light, or all the lights in the house. No more 100-watt bulb blazing overhead while your head is buried under a pillow.

McCauley can install a timer so you set your lights to turn on or off at certain times. We can also provide you with a fan control so you can turn on your ceiling fan on semi-warm days instead of turning on the AC full blast. Again you will save money.

And for when your are at work, did you know that starring at a computer for eight hours a day at work can have an effect on your mood and productivity. Is your office overly bright? Do you get headaches every now and again from too much light hitting your eyes? This can be avoided through a lighting control system. Something as simple as dimming the lights can help employees perform better; they are under less stress when the room is more relaxing. Having a relaxed atmosphere helps increase productivity.

Style is accessible with Lutron. We can match a dimmer to fit the color scheme in your room. Long gone are the days of bright white and dingy ivory. Today’s switches come in red, plum, turquoise, midnight or many more other colors and finishes. We can design colors include gloss, satin, matte and metals to fit the interior paint. Lighting control switches can move from right to left in the architectural style or up to down in the traditional style.

Lighting control systems are Easy to use. We can install dimmers that have a remote so you can turn off a light from across the room. We can install keypads that allow you to set the lighting throughout the entire house with the press of a button, no more running around the house setting the dimmers for the big party. Or how about you’re your sitting on the sofa watching a movie and want to dim a light, lower the shades, or change the speed of the ceiling fan? There’s an App for that. You can do all these things and more right from your smartphone, or iPad. How cool is that?

McCauley Electrical Service can install a new lighting control system in your home or business. Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 for a FREE Quote. We also have a current promotion for New Clients. Stay tuned for part two in our series as we talk about door locks.

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