Atlanta Recessed Lighting To Highlight Your Home

Recessed lighting for your Atlanta home…why not!

Recessed Lighting 597X 250-1-150X 150-1

Most modern homes have a little something sweet called recessed lighting. This charming light fixture is built into the fabric of a home. Sometimes known as “can light,” recessed lighting is literally just that, light that comes out of a can-like fixture nestled in a hole in the ceiling. It’s hidden built produces the perfect spotlight in a room. McCauley Electric recently installed recessed lighting in a home in metro Atlanta, GA. Let’s take a closer look to see if this is the upgrade your kitchen or bathroom needs to shine.

Recessed lighting is great for setting the mood in a room. It can be installed in any room making it very flexible. For example, this kind of lighting can illuminate your walk-in closet, kitchen, bathroom or home theater. Also known as a downlight fixture, recessed lighting is dimmable. You can make it bright for game night or tone it down for movie night in your family room. One cool feature of this lighting fixture is the different product types. Recessed lighting comes in single spotlights or multiple spotlights. The circumference of the spotlight it produces depends on the width of the light fixture. For example, the width of the can comes in 2 inches to 8 inches. Recessed lighting can fit into wood paneling for bookshelves and even the underside of a banister going down a staircase.

Atlanta Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting 21-150X 150-1

Not just an indoor lighting fixture, recessed lighting can also be great source for outdoor lighting around your home. Living in Georgia provides a great canvas of canopy in some areas, making some property hidden from homeowners. Recessed lighting can brighten the perimeter of any home by adding just enough spot light or creating a large floodlight for home security. We can install low voltage or high output recessed lighting on your front porch, in front of the garage or under the overhangs. You’ll never have to return home to a dark house after hours again. McCauley Electric can also set your outdoors lights on a timer through our home automation services so you can turn on your outdoor lights while away from your home. Recessed lighting can also work in the office. Manufactures such as Halo Lighting (Cooper Lighting) carries commercial styles such as recessed linear lighting for office space.

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