Energy Saving Ideas For The Home: Motorized Window Shades

Keep unwanted heat from entering the home with motorized window shades.

Motorized window shades can help you save money on your utility bills. On very sunny, hot days, heat can easily enter the home through the windows, causing your home to become warmer than usually. The excess heat from the windows can cause your AC to work more as the heat affects how often the AC cuts on and off. By installing motorized window shades, you can reduce the heat, thus saving on your energy bill. Let’s take a closer look at how McCauley Electric can help you.

Remote controlled shades can offer many benefits to your monthly saving. It’s high noon outside, not inside your home. Filter in the daylight by installing motorized window shades and watch your cooling cost go down in the spring and summer. Alternately you can raise the remote controlled shades in the winter to allow heat into the home during the day to keep the house heated. At McCauley Electric we install Lutron motorized window shades. Motorized window shades are battery operated. You can also choose a wireless shading solution for better home integration. Lutron is compatible with most lighting systems, allowing homeowners to control the shades by a light switch for convenience.

If lowering your utility bill isn’t enough incentive to call McCauley Electric to install motorized window shades, check out these extra benefits. Window shades can help block the glare on your TV on a bright day. Perhaps you enjoy private living. Block the neighbor’s view with the push of a button.

We understand today’s new homeowners enjoys the elements of style and elegance in the home. You can choose from different designs and colors to match motorized window shades to your home décor. Not only can we install remote controlled shades in your home, but we can also do an installation for your office. Reduce energy cost at home and at work. Call McCauley Electric at (678) 324-3117 if you need immediate electrical repair and installation services. We offer a FREE Estimate and online coupons to new customers.