4Th Of July Safety Tips

Safety first, enjoyment second

4th of July is one of McCauley Electric’s favorite holidays and the most widely celebrated occasions in the world, so we came up with some 4th of July safety tips to ensure your day stays fun and doesn’t result to a trip to the emergency room or a call to the fire department.

At times we go to such extremes upon celebrating this day that we forget to cater for our own safety. As such the aim of this article is to put forth certain safety precautions that will neither get in the way of our parties nor will it cause harm to anyone else.

Certain 4th of July safety tips if followed properly will ensure a clear and clean orchestration of such a memorable day without detracting much from the jubilance we seek.

  • Be careful around poolside parties
    Everybody loves pool parties. And they have very good reasons for it. Considering the warmth of July, it is a good idea to cool off in the water. However one should take care to never run around the pool as there is a high probability that you will slip and injure yourself. Also never let your children enter the water without adult supervision especially if they are not good swimmers. Make sure that you are also not carrying any electrical devices by the pool lest you electrocute yourself. And always wait for at least 20 minutes before entering the pool after you have eaten something.
  • Don’t grill yourself
    If you are planning on having a full fledge BBQ party tan by all means go ahead. However be sure to abide by these 4th of July safety precautions. Always make sure you have a well sealed tank. These tanks contain Propane gas which is easily combustible and if it leaks you are at the risk of getting burned. And always be sure to turn off the cylinder when you are done using it. Moreover also make sure that the tank isn’t leaking by trying to smell the gas.
  • Firework problems
    Fireworks are the key component of 4th of July celebrations. However do take note of certain 4th of July safety tips. Always use a ramp to launch fireworks and never hold them in your hand. If you do that then the firecracker, if faulty, may blow up in your hand and injure you. Moreover, always make sure it is pointing straight up to the sky and not at someone’s face or house. If you launch it at such an angle then it may burn or injure someone.

Therefore in conclusion, you can see that these 4th of July safety tips are not very difficult to follow and if you do then you will feel a sense of responsibility along with general celebratory jubilation of the event itself.

So kick off your 4th of July with not wild but mild celebrations and be on the look out for the safety of you and your close ones.

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