Save Money And Stay Cool With Ceiling Fans

Allowing McCauley to install ceiling fans can decrease your electricity bill by 15%

If you thought ceiling fans were a thing of the past, think again. Installing a ceiling fan this year will help you stay cool, save money, and spruce up your home

The arrival of summer in Atlanta ushers in high temperatures and an even higher electricity bill. While blasting the air condition to escape the sweltering heat, you may be inadvertently increasing your electricity bill by 15%. At McCauley, we care about our customers and their home. By allowing us to install ceiling fans, we can help to reduce your home electricity bill tremendously. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans use minimum electricity, while providing maximum comfort and coolness. Air conditioners extract air and remove heat in order to lower a room’s temperature. It then sends cool air back into the room. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, provide coolness by blowing the air directly on your skin. The air is not extracted, leaving the room temperature consistent at all times. Ceiling fans help you stay cool, save money, and adds decor to your home.

In an effort to save money, it is important to remember to turn your ceiling fan off when leaving the room upon installation. By leaving the ceiling fan on when it is unnecessary, you use additional electricity which can result in a higher bill. Allowing us at McCauley to install a remote control for the ceiling fan will alleviate the hassle of using the pull chains to turn your fan and light on or off. It will be as easy as pressing a button. We can also connect the ceiling fan to a wall switch by the door.

So why should you let us at McCauley install ceiling fans into your home? We are licensed, insured and well-trained Atlanta electricians who always treat our customers and their property with dignity and respect. We keep up-to-date on all current Atlanta electrical codes to ensure that all work is done safely and correctly. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority and no job is too small, regardless of what work you need to have done. Additionally, we offer FREE Estimates for all new work and fair and accurate pricing with a one-year warranty on labor. (678) 324-3117 for all your Atlanta electrical needs.