Why Do You Need A Lighting Control System At Home?

lighting system

What is a Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system is a centralized communication network between light fixtures. It comes with a single control interface, where the user can operate different lights and environments of the house, without having to be present to manually adjust them.

This single lighting control system interface allows for a considerable reduction in energy consumption, which is the biggest advantage of this type of home upgrade. You can adjust your lighting based on several factors such as: time of the day, sunrise/sunset, occupancy, daily routine, etc.

How much can You Save in Electricity?

According to Lutron, creator of the Caséta and Radio A2 systems, you can save up to 40% in electricity usage with any of the Lighting Control Systems mentioned above; also, including a compatible wireless thermostat allows you to adjust heating and cooling systems from anywhere using your mobile device, whether home or away whether manually or programming your daily routine or travel settings

You Can Also Control your Window Shades!

Another great feature of a lighting control system is integrating your window shades into your daily routine. This amazing and convenient system can adjust about everything in your home to your daily requirements. Your shade can open in the morning automatically to flood the house with sunlight and close in the afternoon to reduce it.

You can also configure this system to automatically adjust the light setting depending on the activity or activities you perform at a specific time of the day. This, in combination to your window shade controls is an amazing feature for your home. Bright lights for cooking, dimmed lights when dining, turn inside lights off at bed time and turn on exterior lights in the evening.  You can even adjust your lighting settings to daylight savings time and much more.

These lighting control systems can be installed on both new construction or existing grid by using either a new wire run or wireless technology on an existing one.

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