How To Choose Light Fixtures

light fixture

Light fixtures are an essential part of your home decoration and functionality.  Choosing from so many options when remodeling your home can be difficult. Since, the right lighting sets the tone for a home, it is imperative that you choose the best lighting to complement each of your rooms. The two things you need to consider are the size if the space and the type of lighting the room requires.  Here are a few examples:

Types of Light Fixtures

The best way to choose a light fixture is to focus on the room first. You might have a great light fixture in mind, but it won’t necessarily match the look if it’s too big or too small for the space.  A good practice when trying to determine which light fixture your room needs is to consider the size of the area.  For example, if your desired space is a big entry way, you should consider using two or more Pendant Lights. Pendant lights are great for providing bright, but not so intense lighting. They also work as great “task lights”, perfect for your kitchen area. When using Pendant Light Fixtures, it is common that they’re used in multiples for sufficient lighting and that they are placed above eye level to prevent glare.

When trying to choose light fixtures for a smaller room they’re several things to consider. You should first consider your room to light ratio. You wouldn’t want to choose a bright light because it could wash out the smaller space entirely, but you also wouldn’t want a light that’s to dim because then you wouldn’t be able to see.  A floor or table lamp would complement a smaller room best because it focuses on the area directly around the lamp and can change the mood in seconds.

You can also complement a chandelier or pendant light fixture with a floor lamp to help you with specific activities such as your favorite reading spot or for study time; you can also use table lamps, sconces (one big advantage is to be able to either hardwire or plug it into an outlet, freeing up table space compared to table lamps or to create more focus on wall art), wall lamps or recessed lights to have more control of the mood you will want to set.

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