Whole House Lighting Systems, Part 2: Lutron Radiora 2

More ways to save with whole house lighting and the Lutron RadioRA 2

In our last post, we covered the Lutron Caseta for whole house lighting systems. Now we will get to know another Lutron product, the Lutron RadioRa 2. It goes without saying but we’ll say it again, convenience is key. Needless to say, saving money is equally important. Let’s take a look at how the Lutron RadioRa 2 can conveniently save you money on your utility bills.

Whole house lighting systems are designed to make managing your home easier. The Lutron RadioRa 2 is the ultimate master control system for all residential applications. It can control one room, multiple rooms and eventually the entire home. You can use the Lutron RadioRa 2 from your PC or smart device. Sound familiar? It should. Lutron likes to make products with built-in integration for technology. With Apple and Android widgets, you can control your home remotely through your smartphone or smartwatch. No more rushing home to turn on the lights or counting on a neighbor to keep watch. Peace of mind is always at your fingertips.

Think about going on vacation. No one likes to leave their home in utter darkness, and leaving the porch light or a table lamp on for days and days can add up. You can set the whole house lighting or lighting in a single room based upon your home occupancy or vacancy with the Lutron RadioRa 2.

Set lights to turn off during the day and to gradually come on at night as you like. You can control a maximum of 200 devices. A good example of devices other than lighting would be window shades. The Lutron RadioRa 2 can open and close shades to help control natural light into your home as well. This master controller is wireless and comes with a battery designed to last for 10 years. It keeps your home safe from crime and keeps your energy bill in a safe place as well. Energy savings can reach upwards of 60%.

With the smothering heat of summer upon us, switching your home over to the Lutron RadioRa 2 could be the one device to maintain your home. Control your thermostat so you don’t use too much energy using the AC to cool the home. Program the Lutron RadioRa2 to change the in-home temp to correspond to the outside temperature. This is just another awesome way to lower your energy bill while keeping your home under control.

Visit us next time when we discuss the third part to our whole house lighting series. We’ll discover more ways to improve your home.