Security Lighting

We are now in the season where the sun sets sooner, which makes security lighting essential. When you step outside of your home at night, it is important that the exit area is well lit so that you have more visibility of your surroundings. Better lighting will lessen the risk of tripping over something outside of your home due to poor visibility. It can also deter burglars from targeting your home. Homeowners often make burglars’ selection process easier by failing to take simple precautions. The protection of your family is a big priority, and McCauley Electric Services is here to help you assess your home lighting needs to prevent accidents and potential burglary.

What Can You Do To Prevent Becoming A Victim?

  • Install a motion light near the most frequently used entrances to the home; Most break-ins are through front or back doors.
  • Add floodlights around the exterior of your home to lessen the number of hiding places for potential burglars. They should be on a timer.

Home security statistics tell us that burglars will usually pass a house if it requires too much effort to be burglarized, or shows signs of  someone being home. Here are some things you can do with inside and outside lighting to protect your home.

Home Security Lighting

  • Interior lighting is necessary to show signs of activity inside.
  • Use timers (lights, radios and televisions) to makes the home appear occupied.
  • Exterior lighting is very important (floodlighting).
  • Lights in front of the home should be on a timer or motion sensor.

Keep a light on whether you are home or not. A dark home is very welcoming to burglars. Also, keep your curtains or blinds closed, so you don’t fully display what you have in your home. Leave the light on in your foyer, kitchen, hallway and/or living room. This prevents you from walking into a dark home. Landscape lighting is also a good way to light the exterior of your home. Lighting from behind bushes that cast light on the house can make a bold statement about your house while helping to deter burglars. Lighting pathways and stairs will also help.

Motion light fixtures are better to use than regular lighting fixtures. Floodlights will provide a constantly, well lit area that makes it easier for a burglar to see how easy it is to gain access to your home. Timers for lamps with a random setting will help prevent robbers from being able to know when your lights turn on and off.

Decorative motion lights complement the aesthetic of your home and enhance its safety. Put them on the Dual Bright setting, so the light can be set for medium illumination at dusk, and go to full brightness when it detects motion from your windows or doors.

In conjunction with an alarm system, better lighting in and around your home will help to keep the residents of your home safe. If you need help assessing if your home has proper interior and exterior lighting, or know it needs to be improved, give McCauley Electric a call today at (678) 324-3117. We look forward to hearing from you.