The Benefits Of Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fan installation helps you stay cool and save money.

Ceiling fan installation may not seem like a big deal to have in a home; however, they can be vital to comfortable living. It’s a simple home accessory that goes a long way. In the past there weren’t too many options on style and color, but now you can use a ceiling fan as a decorative piece in a room. In this post we will look at ceiling fan styles and the benefits of ceiling fan installation.

Any major hardware store has a section in the lighting department dedicated to ceiling fans. Manufacturers like Hunter Windemere or Harbor Breeze offer beautiful designs and colors to match your home décor. You can choose styles, brands, mounting options and lighting technology. Ceiling fans are great for indoor and outdoor living spaces as you can have them in the living room or on your covered porch. Nothing beats sitting on the porch on a summer day with a glass of lemonade and a cool breeze.

That basic brown or white ceiling fan is out. Ceiling fans come in colors and finishes such as black, brass or nickel. Now you can have a traditional look for your traditional style home or a rustic style if your home is a timber framed house. You can even go for a tropical style – the ceiling fans with blades in the form of large leaves. Those are very cool and creative. For that trendy downtown loft a more modern or contemporary style might be more appealing.

Installing ceiling fans in your home can save you money on your electricity bill. For example, most ceiling fans have standard lighting; however, some newer ceiling fans have integrated LED lighting. This means the bulb base in the light fixture is for a LED bulb. LED light bulbs come to full brightness, use less energy and last much longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. You can actually use LED bulbs in all your other light fixtures to conserve energy more.

Ceiling fans can also help lessen the use of you AC unit. On warm days but not extremely hot days, turn off the AC and turn on the ceiling fans instead. This is especially good at night when it is cooler outside. Some ceiling fan brands offer styles that are energy star approved. There is an automatic saving there. Your wallet will thank you.

As you know we offer home automation at McCauley Electric. Modern technology has afforded us the luxury of remote controlled ceiling fans. We can complete a ceiling fan installation and work it into your home automation system. You can adjust the thermostat and turn on the ceiling fans all from one computing device as we can integrate your home automation to your smartphone.

So now you know the benefits of ceiling fan installation. You can update your décor, stay temperate and save money. As always, McCauley Electric can install ceiling fans in your home. Call us at (678) 324-3117 for a FREE QUOTE!

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