Selecting The Right Bathroom Fan

Several factors should direct your next bathroom fan installation.  Call McCauley Electrical Service at 678-362-2881 for a free quote!

Although you may not give them much thought, bathroom fans have become integral to the modern bathroom. Bathroom fans, of course, remove unwanted smells from our bathrooms, but they also help keep moisture from building up. In turn, this deters the growth of mildew and damage to wallpaper. The usefulness of bathroom fans has made them indispensible, which has led to many types and styles being available. Selecting one that’s right for your restrooms takes some consideration.

The following essential specifications define a bathroom fan:
physical size: Will the new fan fit properly in the allotted space?
cubic feet per minute (CFM): This is a measurement of how much air the bathroom fan can move in a minute. The larger the number, the more airflow. A larger CFM is needed to effectively move air through larger bathrooms.
sones: This is a measurement of how much noise the bathroom fan makes. The higher the number, the more noise the bathroom fan makes. Three and a half sones is considered standard.

For half baths or bathrooms near living spaces, a 3.5 sone bathroom fan is recommended. This helps hide any noises you may wish to remain discreet. For main bathrooms, such as the master bathroom, most people want a quieter bathroom fan that can pull a lot of air quickly. Such a bathroom fan would typically have a sone rating of one and move 80-110 CFM.

There are many other, less essential options for bathroom fans as well. Bathroom fans come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. The most common colors are white, bronze, and chrome. Bathroom fan shapes range from circular, to square, to rectangular. More elaborate models include lights, humidity sensors, and heaters. One of the most high-end configurations have the fan motor mounted remotely. This allows the one motor take care of two bathrooms instead of just one.

If you’re considering adding, replacing, or upgrading a bathroom fan, McCauley Electrical Service can help. Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to discuss these and other electrical projects on your to-do list.

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