It’S Air Conditioner Check-Up Time

Get your air conditioner check-up complete before the heat comes!

It’s that time again… or is it? The weather has been up and down as we get settled into spring. However, now is the perfect time to get your air conditioner check-up complete for the upcoming hot months. By doing early air conditioner maintenance you can save yourself money in the long run. Picture it – it’s June and 95 degrees outside and the AC dies. Its complete flat line can make you feel like you’re going to flat line from heat exhaustion. If you service your air conditioning unit now, you won’t have to suffer later. Furthermore, your AC unit performs better and uses less energy when it has a tune-up. Less energy usage will help you save money.

ID-10065533-300X 215-1Routine air conditioner maintenance should be a part of every homeowner’s spring to-do-list. It’s the same as servicing your furnace for the winter. Scheduling air conditioning maintenance now could result in a lower cost to you, plus less wait time as it is not peak season for repairs yet. Since there aren’t any major issues now, your HVAC contractor could possibly catch any and all minor repairs before they escalate. Preventative care is much better than a major repair or total replacement of your unit.

You can check and change your filter as needed throughout the year. This small task is major in the life of your AC unit. For example, when the filter is clogged there is nothing to help trap unwanted dust and particles from getting into the unit. Dust can accumulate around moving parts and electrical connections causing the unit to over-work and eventually stop working all together.  There a few other things you can do as a homeowner to help your AC unit’s performance. Do not adjust the thermostat more than 5 degrees from where it’s normally set when someone leaves for work. Adjusting more than 5 degrees makes the AC unit work longer to get the temperature back to where you would like it – thus loosing all energy savings they gained during the day. Replace old non-digital thermostats. The old ones use a mercury tube on a metal spring that often give false temperature readings. Keep drapes or shades closed during the heat of the afternoon to help keep the sunlight from heating up the room as direct sunlight can heat up a room quickly.

Your HVAC technician should check the following to complete an air conditioning tune-up.

Thermostat Settings: Checking the thermostat will ensure your unit is responding to the temperature you set. Check the start and stop cycle to make sure the systems operates as it should.

Moving Parts: Check the moving parts to make sure they are working properly and well-lubricated. Dry parts work over-time which can cost you more on your utility bill.

Electrical Connections: Check all the connections and voltage on the motors. Bad or faulty connections can result in unsafe operation and add wear and tear to the components.

Condensate Drain: Make sure this is not clogged. A backed up condensate drain can cause water damage and high humidity levels in your home.

Refrigerant Levels: Low levels mean there is a leak. You don’t want your compressor to burn out. That will cost you greatly.

Blower Adjustments: Check the airflow of the system. Clean and adjust the components so the system runs efficiently.

So there you have it. Call your local HVAC contractor before the summer heat hits to ensure you stay cool. If you need a HVAC contractor we recommend Peter Flory of Flory Heating and Cooling at (678) 324-3117. And remember to call McCauley Electrical Service for all of your electrical service repair needs.