Flat Panel TV Apps And Audio

Many flat panel TVs come with built-in applications that add convenience but might require additional audio configuration.

In our last blog, we examined how large your flat panel TV should be for optimum viewing.  With that settled, let’s look at some of the other options many flat panel TVs now offer.  Among these are “smart TVs” that use software applications like those found on your smartphone or tablet.  These features might be integrated into the television itself or added using a small device that plugs into one of the TV’s ports.  These apps include video streaming services (like Netflix and Hulu), Internet browsers, and many more.  They make finding and accessing entertainment options easy and increase the value of a flat panel TV.  However, one thing many people might not consider is the effect these apps have on the television’s audio.

Plasma Flat Panel Mounted On A Wall Cropped 300X 166-1

Many of us now have a separate speaker or surround sound system for our televisions.  These are, of course, standard equipment for any home theater but they are also common in many living rooms.  Depending on the model, these speakers can receive audio signals through traditional wiring or wirelessly.  The audio is often sent from the cable or satellite TV box, which also sends audio and video (or sometimes just video) to the flat panel TV.  Other audio/video components, just as DVD and Blu-ray players, can be set up to work in a similar way.

With a new flat panel TV with brand-new apps, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the apps’ audio signals aren’t going through any of these devices.  The audio is instead being produced through the apps, directly from the television.  This means that unless the TV is set up to send to the surround sound system, the audio will only come through the flat panel TV’s speakers.  This can be a jarring change if you’re used to something more robust and can make the apps seem inferior.

This doesn’t mean the apps can’t send audio to other speakers, of course.  Setting this up may require configuring the television’s options or a little wiring, but it can be done!  Just be sure to keep this in mind when starting up your new flat panel TV’s apps.

Need a hand avoiding disappointment in the audio of your new flat panel TV’s apps?  McCauley Electrical Service can help adjust your audio configuration to get the most out of your television and surround sound systems.  Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to discuss how we can help.

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