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Lutron light switches

McCauley Electrical Services is an Atlanta Lutron Pro installer.  If you’re looking for professional installation of the Lutron brand of home automation systems including the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting system, contact us today.   McCauley Electrical Services has installed many brands and smart home systems.  Lutron is a favorite for many reasons.  

The Lutron Caseta smart lighting system is a modular, scalable system that can grow with your needs and budget. This way you can start small and add more as you want. Or automate your entire home lighting and consider other home automation tools.  McCauley Electrical Services can get your home hooked up and working just like you want.  Visit our Atlanta Home Automation page for more options. 

The smart lighting is at the switch, not at the bulb. This means it saves you money over time by not having to replace expensive smart bulbs.  It saves you frustration, too. If you accidentally turn off a smart bulb at the switch, it stops working.  That won’t happen with the Lutron Caseta.  You can use just about any dimmable bulb. 

Each dimmer switch can control multiple lights, which gives you more control for your investment. 

What can you do with a Lutron Caseta smart lighting system? 

Scheduling your lights

You can set times for lights to automatically turn on and off.  That can be at a specific time of the day.  Or with the Sunset Tracker, you can control the lights in your home even when seasons change and times move forward or back an hour.  Automatically.  

Automatic lights on / off 

You can get a smart motion sensor and set it up to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room and turn them off when you leave.  

Set the Scenes 

You can program different “scenes” with different settings for one or multiple lights, from a dimmer setting for movie nights to brighter settings.  You can even turn off the lights from the comfort of your bed. 

Smart Away 

Whether you’re out for the night or on vacation, program your lights to make it look like you’re home all the time.  Turn lights on and off at scheduled or random times, all from your phone or the switch.  

One kit is all you need 

The Lutron Caseta smart lighting kits include everything you need for smart lighting control.  The Smart Bridge, dimmer and Pico Smart Remote give you flexibility and control without breaking the bank. 

The kits come with a Smart Bridge for smart lighting so you can control your lighting through an app, with voice control, or at the switch.  You can start small and expand over time or go all-in and set up smart lighting for your entire Atlanta area home.  

Connected and smart lighting control 

The Lutron Caseta works with more smart devices than other smart lighting brands.  This includes Alexa, Google Assistant, the Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Serena, Sonos and more.   

Atlanta Lutron Pro Installer

McCauley Electrical Services is an Atlanta Lutron Pro installer for residential smart lighting systems.  We can handle everything for you, from purchase to installation and programming.  McCauley Electrical Services can be your one-stop shop for all your lighting and electrical needs.  

All brands and trademarks are the copyright of their owner(s). McCauley Electrical Services is a Lutron Pro Residential Installer but makes no claim to any intellectual property rights owned by Lutron or makers of any other electrical equipment.  

We hope this article provides you with enough information to begin planning your lighting automation project. If you need assistance or have questions or need help with your lighting project, contact or call us at (678) 324-3117