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McCauley Electric offers a broad range of Atlanta electrical services and repairs.  Read on to find out.

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The products and services a business offers are the heart of everything it does.  Pricing, marketing, customer interaction, and countless other endeavors are shaped by these.  McCauley Electrical Services prides itself on providing a variety Atlanta electrical services and repairs that will meet almost any customer’s needs.

Home Automation:  Let us help you take your home into the future by automating a variety of features such as lights, shades, and entertainment centers.

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Home Theater Systems: As discussed in our last blog, McCauley Electrical Services can set up new home theater systems or help you upgrade existing ones.

Lighting Installations:  We can put in a wide range of new lighting fixtures and systems, both indoors and out.  This includes under-cabinet lighting, security lights, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, and many more.  We also repair all types of existing light fixtures.

Panel Replacements & Service Upgrades:  If you’re having trouble with your electrical panel or simply want to update it, we can help.  We also provide service upgrades when your electrical demands exceed your current electrical service.

Real Estate Inspection Repairs:  We can assess the condition of electrical service and wiring and make repairs for real estate purposes.

Security Camera Installations:  If you’re worried about safety on your property, McCauley Electrical Service offers several types of security cameras and installation options.

Small Commercial Jobs:  While we often work in homes, we can also provide products and services for small business needs.

Surge Protectors:  We offer several types of whole-home surge protectors.  These help protect the major equipment that portable surge protectors can’t, such as refrigerators, A/C systems, and dryers.

System Checks:  We can inspect the condition of any type of electrical system and offer suggestions on maintenance, repair, or upgrades if desired.

Troubleshooting & Service Work:  Outlets, breakers, or lights giving you problems?  We can find the problem and fix it.  We also work with more specialized electrical equipment such as speakers, ceiling fans, and even hot tubs!

Wiring Jobs:  Remodeling or adding to your home?  Whether it’s a single room or the entire house, we can get electricity to these areas.  We also install or replace existing wiring and outlets.

If you need any of these jobs taken care of, McCauley Electrical Services can help.  Give us a call at (678) 324-3117 to discuss any of these products and services in more detail.  If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please leave  a review through Google.  Hearing from our customers helps us give deliver the best service possible!

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