Whole House Automated Light Control System

Control your lights with a whole house automated lighting control system

Whole House Automated Light control systems can help you set any mood, in all of your rooms this holiday season.  Installing a whole house lightening control system, so you can transform any space with light, at the touch of a button, is just one of the many services I provide.  I recommend Lutron automated light control systems to help give you the control of your lights, that will WOW your guests for all your holiday parties. You can choose the highest setting on your energy efficient Lutron Dimmer in your dining room to showcase your decadent turkey with all its trimmings or I can install a dimmer to your Christmas tree lights, so they can provide the ambient lighting that compliments your fireplace just right.

Your lighting should support your activities as they change throughout the day.  With an automated light control system you can personalize the settings to recall your favorite mood and effortlessly transform the light around you.  Turn your family room into your entertainment center and dim the lights just as the movie is about to start.  Safety is also a priority that your automated light control system can provide.  Set your lights to come on at a specific time just as it’s about to get dark. This will allow you to create a safe and welcoming entryway as your guests come up the walk way to your front door.

Not only will your automated light control system complement each room’s décor, it will save energy throughout your entire home. Saving energy means saving money.  Having the flexibility and control of your lights keeps you in control of your electricity costs.  Dimming controls will extend the life of your lights bulbs.  We like to use only the latest energy-efficient light sources, such as LED’s and fluorescent lamps.  According to Lutron, “for guaranteed savings, Lutron eco-dim solutions can reduce your energy by 15% or more.”  Your automated light control system combines dimmers, timers, sensors and window shades to maximize your energy efficiency throughout your home.

The top 5 reasons for installing a whole house automated light control system are:

  1. Save money on utilities
  2. Increased home safety
  3. Home Security
  4. Good for the environment
  5. Peace of Mind

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