What’S Your Emergency Back-Up Power Plan?

Severe weather calls for an emergency back-up power plan

With it getting so cold so fast, you need to be prepared with a plan for emergency back-up power this winter.  Power-outages, due to this unpredictable weather need an emergency plan.  Last year around this time I informed you of the importance of installing a home generator for this very reason. I told you that a home generator can support the major appliances in a home through severe weather conditions. Now that we are in the midst of this severe weather season, it is best to be pro-active and have a plan for emergency back-up power, for when the lights go out in Georgia.

I just want to give you a quick reminder of the best options for your home this year, when it comes to emergency back-up power.  As discussed previously, whole house units, or standby generators, run off of natural gas, so they tie into your home’s existing gas line. It offers the convenience of a push button start, or an auto-magic transfer switch so you don’t have to do a thing. They come in sizes ranging from 7 kilowatts for a small home to 35 kilowatts for your really large homes.  Portable generators require you to fill them up with the gas you get from the gas station.  They come in three sizes, medium for 1,000-5,000 watts, large for 6,000-8,000 watts and x-large for 10,000-17,500.

So, the key to choosing the best emergency back-up power unit for your home, is to determine the size of the area you want your home generator to support.  Before installation, I can conduct a power audit to determine the amount of power required.  You may only want emergency back-up power for the essentials.  These include your refrigerator, freezer, pumps and furnaces and a few lighting circuits. Or, you might want a unit ample enough to support your whole house.  Either way, I can help you install a home generator to be pro-active with emergency back-up power this winter.

I always stress to my clients to have a plan when it comes to your electrical needs so you won’t be left in the dark.  Call McCauley Electric Services for a FREE today!