Smart Doorbell Camera Features You Need

You’ve likely seen the recent and often comical commercials about smart doorbell motion sensing cameras.  They are a hot item right now and a great way to improve your home’s security.  Smart Doorbell cameras have motion sensors and a connection to the internet via your homes WIFI, so you can view an operate them away from home from on your mobile device app.  If you are in the market, here a few things you’ll want to look for before deciding.  

Motion Detection: 

Most Doorbell cameras have motion sensors so that they are not recording full time.  They are activated by motion.  Look for ones that have zone settings that can be configured so that you can filter out things like cars driving by your street.  The app will alert you when motion is detected so you don’t want to be constantly receiving false texts or app alerts. 

Quality Night Vision 

Most crimes are committed in the evening or late night.   With daylight hours shortening it’s important to be able to clearly identify people on your property.   Make sure your camera has quality night vision and HDR. 

Power Source 

Many of these cameras can be hardwired using the electrical wiring for your doorbell. Contact your trusted local Atlanta electrician if you need assistance with installation.  If you don’t have a traditional wired doorbell you will need to opt for a battery-operated Smart Doorbell.  Keep in mind the features and choices of battery-operated smart doorbells are more limited. 

App Quality 

Mobile Device application quality is the probably the most important feature you’ll want to have on your doorbell camera.   You want an app that quickly loads, activates and shows you activity immediately when you are away from your home. We recommend you check reviews on your short list of smart doorbell cameras to see which ones receive the best reviews for app quality and support. 


One of the more important features to have when choosing your smart doorbell is the option for recorded data storage in the cloud.  There are many cloud storage options available. Check with your manufacturers to see what they recommend.  Storing your Smart Camera Doorbell’s recorded data in the cloud ensures that it is secure in the event of a catastrophe like fire or flood. 

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