Keep It Safe With LED Christmas Lights

You can avoid a “shocking” holiday with LED Christmas Lights because they are less expensive and safer around pets and children

You’ve seen those houses in the movies with too many Christmas lights. The ones that, once dad plugs them in, take out the entire neighborhood’s power grid? While that is an exaggeration, those movies do make a pretty good point. Holiday lights can use a lot of energy and produce quite a bit of heat, too. LED Christmas lights can help you avoid this situation.

McCauley Electric always wants to give our customers energy and cost saving tips when it comes to lighting options. We’ve found that, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, it can cost you up to twice as much to run incandescent mini lights as it would to run LED mini lights 12 hours a day for 40 days. We already know that LED light bulbs use far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. The battery-powered LED Christmas string lights consume less battery power and have a much longer life that the usual incandescent lights. This can be an option for your holiday lighting this year.

Christmas time is definitely a time to be concerned with cost and energy efficiency. We all seem to go overboard with both. However, the main thing we are concerned about at McCauley is our customer’s safety.

Not only are LED Christmas lights safer because they don’t get as hot as incandescent lights, but they are made from sturdy, epoxy lenses instead of glass. They are more durable and resistant to breakage. This means they could be a bit safer for your family. This is especially helpful if you have pets that like to attack the trees, or curious youngsters who can’t help touching anything colorful.

As far as outdoor Christmas lighting goes, we recommend lighting your pathway for your holiday guests with outdoor rope lighting, a floodlight, or lighted path markers. They can provide a well-lit entryway. Decorate your front door with a festive wreath LED Christmas lights to showcase your Christmas spirit as guests enter your house.

We know a lot about ways to save money and making your home safer in regards to electricity. Call McCauley Electric anytime for ideas, and keep checking our blog in the new year for more electrical tips and tricks!