Is Home Automation For You?

Learn more before investing in home automation.

Are you having thoughts of transforming your residence with home automation? To say we live in an age of convenience is an understatement. You can turn on your lights and change the temperature inside your home all from a smart device. Before you know it, we’ll be able to use home automation through telepathy. Just imagine it – close your eyes and say “lights on” and the house will be lite by the time you pull into the driveway. We’re not quite there yet, but who knows how close we really are. McCauley Electric provides professional home automation installation services throughout metro Atlanta, GA without burning a hole in your wallet. Before you call us to change your living space, let us share some of the awesome features of home automation with you.

Home automation is a total package of home security and home control solutions for the modern family. It can also work for small offices. Home Automation allows you to watch your home 24/7 and control the internal features remotely. You can turn on the air conditioning, arm the alarm system and turn on the living room lights all from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. This is super cool, right? When you’re out late, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a pitch black house. This can also deter criminals from breaking into your home if they think someone is there while you are actually away. McCauley Electric can install Sentry Security Cameras for your safety. By installing Z-Wave Switches, we can open up your security system to remote control access from anywhere. By tweaking your lighting systems, we can easily change you’re interior and exterior lights for remote control access.

What about your entry ways? Sometimes we walk out the front door and hop in the car without locking up, especially when we’re in a rush. That is no longer a worry factor when you get home automation from McCauley Electric. We can change all of your doors by installing remote control door locks. You’ll never have to second guess if you locked the doors. We can even integrate your thermostat into the plan so you can control the temperature throughout the day and save a little money on your energy bill. You can use an app on your phone and lock up your home or office with a simple tap. That’s right…an app. Every product that we use is user friendly with Windows, Apple and Android. You will also have smartphone browser support.

McCauley Electric offers everything you need to secure your home or business. Don’t throw away money with a big company when you can use us and get the same valued service at a fraction of the cost. Call McCauley Electric for your home automation needs.

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